Dear Members of Bhutanese Community,
While departing from the program venue yesterday, His Excellency Hieu Van Le expressed his appreciation and congratulation to all the members of Bhutanese community in South Australia for successfully organizing the Annual Day Celebration. I am very pleased to convey this message to all the community members and on behalf of BASA and the Organizing Committee, I would like to thank all the community members for actively participating in the program and making the Annual Day a successful one.

With limited time and resource, we could manage to do what we presented and served yesterday. With each passing year we need to refine ourselves and keep on adding quality to our programs and presentations. Our community has lots of latent talent which needs to be brought out, honed and exhibited. Collectively and concertedly, we can exhibit and promote our culture in a most vivid and colorful way. The brilliant dance and song items presented yesterday by our youth, teenage and children is evident in itself.

The presence of our community members, specially the teenagers and youths, in large number in yesterday’s program was an encouraging sign for our community to stand intact and connected, and to preserve, protect and promote our culture and identity in the vast multicultural landscape of Australia.

In the coming days lets us all work together to share the responsibility for the conservation and promotion of our heritage and all the humane and positive traditions and values in South Australia.

Thanking you All,

On Behalf of Bhutanese Association in South Australia and the Organizing Committee,

Jogen Gazmere


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