Late Poudel during his arrival in Adelaide

The oldest member of Bhutanese community in Australia, Dhana Pati Poudel, died at the age of 98 at Lyell McEwin Hospital at Elizabeth , Adelaide on Saturday the 14th at 2 pm.

He had arrived Adelaide as part of the third country resettlement along with his grandson Ichha Poudel more than a year ago, who is a coordinator of Media Desk of BASA and also an exile journalist.

The preparation for final rituals will probably start only on Monday when all offices reopen here and is likely to be cremated according to Hindu traditions by Wednesday.

With the death of Poudel, who was born in Bhutan, Bhutanese Diaspora has lost a resourceful person of Lhotsampa history in Bhutan. Poudel, who worked in East India Company offices in his age, was one of the oldest politically aware personalities of Bhutanese community.

He was also a stern advocate of the social justice who always stood for the socially inclusive community in Diaspora.
This is the second death but first natural death of Bhutanese Diaspora in Australia.

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