BASA under SGP grant has been helping the Bhutanese community members providing trainings to eligible community members on gardening activities since September this year. It is about making Veggie Patch or growing vegetables at backyard with appropriate method.

BASA is collaborating with HEALS (The Health Education and Life Skills Centre) for this project. Paula and Laura are facilitating the activities where over a dozen Bhutanese community members are getting training. The training is held once every fortnight with practical involvement in gardens. The training is designed in such a way that participants can actually see results of their gardening efforts. The community members are given veggie patches where they plant and take home later when grown.

The participants are also taught to cook healthy food suitable to the climate.

Similarly BASA coordinated with Bunnings Warehouse in Parafield to organise a free Do It Yourself (DIY) workshop for Bhutanese community members on vegetable gardens and fruit trees on November 17.

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