All the Bhutanese Community Members,
South Australia.

Dear Community Members,
Since the last email from BAASA Secretary Tika Ghaley, few designated members have been working for the renewal and fresh application of membership for the impending election of new executive board. Through the upcoming election process, BAASA aspires to create a new, dynamic and youthful executive team to head and carry forward the mission and objectives of the organization.

Towards expediting the process for membership renewal and application, we are pleased to welcome on board Mr. Chitra Gautam and Mr. Prakash Dhamala to work in and around Salisbury area. All the community members are requested to extend their cooperation and support as they come to visit and speak on membership and election issues.

Thanking you all,

Jogen Gazmere Tika Ghaley
Chairperson, BAASA Secretary, BAASA

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