The first meeting of the new executive committee with the community members decided to form the Annual Day celebration committee.

Bhutanese settled in South Australia celebrate 13 May as their annual day. On this day in 2008, first two Bhutanese families arrived in Adelaide under third country resettlement program of the government.This year, the organisation is celebrating the day on 12 May, Saturday.

According to the decision, the annual day will be Sakela special. Sakela is one of the biggest festivals of Rai community. Rais are ethnic sub-community, most following Kirat religion, within Bhutanese community.

The festival will be held in Fremont Park in Elizabeth. Cultural dances, songs, fun games and presentation on Bhutanese issues will be part of the event.

The organizing committee includes Sushi Niroula (coordinator), Jogen Gazmere, Yasoda Samal, Samjhauta Rai, Dick Rai, T. B. Rai, Ichha Poudel, Bikram Adhikari and Kamal Dahal. Two representatives from the soccer teams are also included in the team. Their names are to be recommended by the soccer teams.


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